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650cc (60lb/hour) High Impedance Wingless Injectors

650cc (60lb/hour) High Impedance Wingless Injectors


Set of 6 650cc (60lb/hour) High Impedance Injectors with EV1 connector (Long Style)

Features: TiBill design, reliable injectors tested on wingless Excellent response characteristics High Impedance Low Impedance performance characteristics with High Impedance 


Specifications: Coil Resistance: 12.5 Ohms / High Impedance / High-Z (No ECM driver modifications required) Static Flow Rate @ 43.5PSI (300kPa) w/Gas: 60 lb/hr = 650 cc/min = 463 g/min Static Flow Rate @ 87PSI (600kPa) w/Gas: 85.7 lb/hr = 900 cc/min = 648 g/min Gain: 0.11ms/mg Offset: 0.055ms Turn on time @ 14VDC: 1.14ms Turn off time: 0.85ms @ 600KPa Connector: Bosch EV1 Orifice Type: Single-Orifice Spray Pattern: 20 Degree Spray Cone


**All injectors are static flow tested at 750RPM by us on our machine before we sell and are flow matched within 2% of each other. Injectors when used with our tune will still perform well on dyno (without loss of power) within 5% of each other, any greater deviation injectors will need to be cleaned.