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Sprintcar Titanium Chassis Bolt Kit

Sprintcar Titanium Chassis Bolt Kit

PriceFrom $1,285.00

Our Sprintcar Titanium Bolt Kit will get you out of trouble. These come in a nice box with all sections labeled which will make putting your chassis together much easier.


Titanium Bolt Kit includes:

Radius Rod 9/16 Bolts or One Nut Studs for Chassis x 5

9/16 Reduced Head Panard Bolt x 1

Radius Rod 9/16 Reduced Head to Front Beam x 3

Rear Shock Studs for Arms x 2

Shocks Studs ONS Back x 2

Shocks Studs ONS Front x 2

Arm Bolts x 4

Stop Pinch x 4

Stop Adjuster and Nuts x 8

Pitman Arm x 1

Engine Plate to Chassis x 4

Front Engine Mount to Chassis x 2

Steering Box Clamp to Chassis x 2

Steering Box Locator Bolts x 2

Master Cylinder to Chassis x 2

Brake Pedal to Chassis x 1

Brake Pedal to Master Cylinder x 1

Bell Crank to Chassis x 1

Engine Mount (Long or Short) x 6

Fuel Tank to Chassis x 4

Fuel Tank Top Plate Bolts x 12

RF Combo Arm x 2

LF Combo x 2

LF Brake Disk Bolts x 3

LF Brake Caliper Mount x 2

Steering Wheel Bolts x 3

Jacob’s Ladder Pin Kit

Jacob’s Ladder Strap Bolt x 2

Front Wheel Nuts x 10

Torque Tube Studs x 6

Nerf Bar Bolts x 12

Gear Cover Studs x 10

Wing Tree Bolts (Tubular or Aero) x 5

Wing Post Pinch Bolts x 6

Front Wing Bolts x 4

Wing Valve to Chassis Bolts x 2