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Wingless Engine Bolt Kit

Wingless Engine Bolt Kit

PriceFrom $1,200.00

Here is the list of every bolt for your V6 wingless engine in titanium that you can change on the outside of the engine. Also means you do not need metric spanners anymore as all hex heads are AF.


The V6 Wingless Engine Bolt Kit includes:

U-Joint x 4

Cotton Reel to Crank x 8

Thermostat Housing Bolts x 2

Manifold Backing Plate Bolts and Nut x 3

Manifold Bolts x 10

Exhaust Bolts x 12

Fuel Rail Bolts x 4

Water Pump Pulley Bolts x 4

Power Steering Pump Pulley x 4

Power Steering Pump Mount x 2

Power Steering Bracket x 4

Alternator Bracket Mount x 3

Throttle Body Bolt x 1

Harmonic Balancer x 1

Front Engine Mount to Engine x 4

Front Engine Mount to Chassis x 2 or 6 Bolts

Crank Angle Sensor Bolts x 2

Timing Cover Bolt Kit x 11

Oil Pump x 4

Starter x 2

Rear Engine Plate Adapter x 5

Extra Manifold Bolts x 3

Sump Bolt Kit x 20