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1st s3 Keke Falland 823

2nd s26 Rylan Furler 814

3rd s50 Jordon Bolitho 812

4th s35 Mitchell Broome 753

5th s10 William Caruso 724

6th s14 Matt Tyler 716

7th s56 Tate Cowie 701

8th s58 Nate Trewin 684

9th s41 Bronson Mauro 677

10th s82 Caleb Evans 644

11th s54 Alan Saint 631

12th s84 Jesse Alexander 620

13th s5 Joel Chadwick  617

14th s47 Anthony Tapley 606

15th s53 Nicole Southby 600

16th s15 Hayden Vickers 598

17th s66 Sam Martin 519

18th s95 Andy Thomas 509

19th s8 Darryl Sloan 467

20th s99 Michael Busby 462

21st s18 Jenna Kervers 425

22nd s11 Tyson Martin 402

23rd s49 Darryl Knuckey 388

24th s23 Jack McCarthy 373

25th s92 Thomas Walkom 343

26th s38 James Rodda 319

27th s13 Dale Gesell 318

28th s27 Mitchell Rigney 314

29th s33 Brad Evans 299

30th s89 Slade Petry 277

31st nt59 John Murdie 264

32nd s90 Roy Hamment 261

33rd s72 Chris Gibbs 247

34th s6 Tyson Newton 245

35th v97 Blake Walsh 212

36th s86 Kirby Hilyer 207

37th vx50 Luke Weel 202

38th s19 Michael Spoljaric 196

39th v4 Carly Walsh 193

40th v67 Christopher Halesworth 193

Round 1
Winner Joel Chadwick

Round 2 Winner_edited.png

Round 2
Winner The Fog

Round 2 Winner.png

Round 3
Winner Mitchell Broome

Round 4 Winner.png

Round 4
Winner Rylan Furler

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